Financing Projects Outside of Colorado

In certain circumstances, CECFA can finance facilities located outside of Colorado. The borrower must be an educational or cultural nonprofit organization, and the project must provide sufficient benefit to Colorado to meet the legal “nexus” requirement.

Generally, financings outside Colorado are undertaken as part of a pre-approved borrowing program, rather than on an individual transaction basis. The following programs are currently approved:

Association of Christian Schools International Bond Program
National Jewish Federation Bond Program
Regis New Ventures Bond Program

New program approvals require completion of the Multi-State Program Application and action by the CECFA Board of Directors prior to the issuance of bonds for a specific transaction.

Please contact CECFA at 303-297-7332 prior to submitting any materials for multi-state program approval.

Click here to open CECFA’s Financing Guidelines. Refer to Section H, which applies to multi-state borrowings.

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