CECFA Services

CECFA helps educational and cultural nonprofits borrow money for capital projects at lower interest rates than they could obtain through traditional bank financing. We can finance all kinds of facilities through the sale of tax-exempt bonds, including:

  • Classrooms, research facilities, administration buildings
  • Auditoriums, dining halls, food service and student services buildings
  • Student housing
  • Parking lots, maintenance facilities, garages
  • Exhibition or performance halls, galleries, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, theaters, and sports facilities
  • Furnishings and equipment

We can also refinance existing debt.

We have two programs, one for standard borrowers and one for certain small loans (under $4 million).

CECFA Serves:

  • Museums / Galleries
  • Charter Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Aquariums
  • Sports Groups
  • Libraries
  • Performing Arts Associations
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Historical Societies
  • Educational Organizations
  • Zoos
  • Scientific Societies
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